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  • What’s the oldest winery in the world?
    December 23, 2021
    Armenia is a fascinating destination for oenophiles both in terms of history and traditions, diversity of terroirs and indigenous grape varieties. In this entry, let’s take a peek at the oldest winery in the world. Since the ancient days, Armenia was famous for the winemakers, where original traditions were kept to date. Philosophers such as Herodot and Strabon, mentioned in their works that in 401-400 BC, when the Greek armies led by Xenophon “were passed” on the country Nairi (one of the most ancient names of Armenia), in the Armenian houses they were treated with wine and beer which was kept in deep dugouts in special large jars called "karas".
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  • christmas gifts
    December 20, 2021
    Christmas is right around the corner.The go-to gift for most wine lovers is usually a quality bottle of wine and to give a hint, it can be a bottle of Armenian wine. Armenia is known as the cradle of wine - the world's first wine was produced in Armenia over 6,000 years ago. Check out our specialized online shop (winesofarmenia.store) for a variety of unique Armenian wines. But, if you want to give your wine-loving friends something more original, then check out our pick of the best gifts for wine lovers.  
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  • armenian wines
    August 24, 2021
    One way the ancient Greeks used to serve their god of wine Dionysus was by engaging in the Dionysian Mysteries. These were rituals where people would use intoxicants to remove any and all inhibitions. The true goal, however, was to find deeper truths by overstepping the metaphorical bounds of mortality. In a sense, the Dionysian Mysteries were a rite of knowledge. And knowledge has always been the light to lead us through the dark.   The Greeks weren’t the only ones who associated wine with knowledge. It has always been an important symbol in the Christian tradition as well. Wine is a constant in Christianity: it’s said to be a gift of God to humanity, it’s in the Last Supper, it symbolizes Christ’s blood, and it is used in modern rituals.  The general Christian tradition views wine as a gift of God not only because of the light that wine symbolizes but also due to its symbolic relation to Christ’s sacrifice. And like all other Christian denominations, the Armen
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