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TUS RESERVE white dry wine - 0,75 l

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    White Dry Wine
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Located in the North of Armenia, Tavush has always stood out with its rich traditions and uniqueness. Since ancient times, viticulture and wine making were traditional occupations of the inhabitants of these regions of historical Armenia. In the Middle Ages, the area was known as TUS. In the 7th-9th centuries it changed its pronunciation to Tavush, as we know it today. Till this very day "Tus" reminds us of its glorious past and successfully continuous the centuries-old traditions of wine-making in Tavush.

Lalvari is an indigenous Armenian variety, common to north-eastern horticultural zone, mainly to Noyemberian district of Tavush Province. It belongs to oriental eco-geographical group. The name of the variety derives from Lalvar Mountain. Lalvari is characterized by large, dense and conical bunches, sometimes with wings from both sides and big, ovate berries. The clusters growing in the shadow have greenish berries, but those under the sun are of light amber color.

TUS reserve white dry wine is fermented in oak barrels for 12-16 months, Bâtonnage technique is used to create complexity, aroma and flavor compounds, palate weight and texture in the wine. The wine has a floral citrus flavor and aroma with hints of caramel.

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