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May 28, 2024

Wines of Armenia blind tasting held in 2 stages

To replenish the wines of the single platform for the online sales of Armenian wines,, in 2023, the blind tasting competition "Wines of Armenia" was held in two stages. The competition is organized by the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA) with the support of GIZ.

72 white and rosé wines from 29 companies participated in the 1st stage of the competition, and 102 wines from 27 companies participated in the 2nd stage.

The competition is held in the format of Mundus Vini, OIV and other prestigious international competitions with a 100-point system. Only the wines that meet the quality standards and pass the threshold (85 points and more) receive the "Wines of Armenia" quality mark. In addition, the winning wines are presented on