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May 10, 2022

"Wines of Armenia" Blind Tasting 2022

On April 28-29, "Wines of Armenia" blind tasting competition was held in the "Best Western Plus Congress" Hotel in Yerevan. The event was organised by the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, with support of GIZ.

Over 147 wines from 43 companies were selected to participate in the Wines of Armenia blind tasting competition. The wines were tasted by pre-trained, certified tasters-evaluators from the participating wineries. To ensure the high quality and transparency of the competition, the work of the tasters-evaluators was coordinated by highly qualified wine experts with considerable experience in the field of wine sensory and evaluation.

The goals of the competition are:

  • introduce and launch a quality control system for Armenian wines,
  • set new quality standards for Armenian wines,
  • make the "Wines of Armenia" brand recognizable, making it the business card of the rich winemaking and cultural heritage of the country for the world.

The competition is based on the 100-point scale of Mundus Vini, OIV and other prestigious international competitions. Only wines that meet the quality threshold (85 points more) and the quality criteria will receive the "Wines of Armenia" quality mark. In addition, the winners of the competition will be presented on, having previously moved to Berlin, the single logistics warehouse for Armenian wines.

At the end of the competition, all wines will be tasted once again and evaluated by experts. After summarizing the results, the experts will describe the aromas and flavours of the wines, giving the wine producers a comprehensive description of their wines through the so-called Aroma Wheels.