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March 16, 2022

Armenian Wines at the ProdExpo 2022

During the 29th ProdExpo 2022 International Exhibition of Food and Alcoholic Beverages, Armenian wines were presented by Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA) with a joint national pavilion.
ProdExpo is the largest international food and beverage expo in Russia and Eastern Europe. This year alone, the exhibition had about 2660 participants from 73 countries.

15 Armenian wine companies participated in "ProdExpo 2022" upon the initiative of VWFA. Four of them appeared in the Russian market for the first time, having the opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of importer companies and present their products in commercial networks. Within the framework of the exhibition, a tasting competition was held, in which the "Tiran" pomegranate wine of the Armenian GS Wine Company (which participated in the exhibition for the first time) was awarded a gold medal and a certificate. More than 2 dozen wines of Armenia Wine Company also won gold, silver and bronze medals.

"ProdExpo is one of the most important exhibitions for us, taking into account that Russia is the largest market for the export of Armenian wine. Consumption of Armenian fruit wines has been declining in Russia since January as a result of the adoption of a law on fruit wine labeling. Therefore, our participation was very important, which gave our producers the opportunity to establish new partnerships with companies engaged in the import and sale of wines," said Zaruhi Muradyan, Executive Director of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia.

To raise awareness about Armenian wines, VWFA in cooperation with VINI NGO will later hold 7 wine tastings-presentations. Leading sommeliers and wine specialists from Moscow, students of the Sommelier's School and Wine Academy will take part in the events, and 60 wines from 19 Armenian companies will be presented.

Photo: Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia