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7 Best Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers

christmas gifts

Christmas is right around the corner, meaning the gift-giving season is coming, too. The go-to gift for most wine lovers is usually a quality bottle of wine and to give a hint, it can be a bottle of Armenian wine. Armenia is known as the cradle of wine - the world's first wine was produced in Armenia over 6000 years ago. Check out our specialized online shop for a variety of unique Armenian wines. But, if you want to give your wine-loving friends something more original, then check out our pick of the best gifts for wine lovers.

1. Wine Tasting Journal

Wine tasting journals will help keep an organized log of the wines you taste with all details. Most of them include a little explanation when it comes to knowing why we taste wines, how to get started, smell taste remarks, etc. It includes fields for the producer, wine name, classification variety, and tasting broken down by body tan, acidity alcohol, and sweetness level, remarking overall rating. You can also get a personalized wine tasting journal for your wine-lover friends. It’s comfortable and easy to keep essential info when it comes to the bottles you taste and try. A wine tasting journal is a nice holiday gift for wine lovers, wine tasting enthusiasts, and sommeliers.

2. Wine Book

Currently, there are many online resources where you can find up-to-date information on wines, vintages, producers on websites, podcasts, blogs, etc. But let’s agree that there is no real alternative to a well-written and well-researched book by an insightful author. A few pretty good ones to mention are:

- The World Atlas of Wine by Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson

- Essential Winetasting by Michael Schuster

- The Science of Wine by Jamie Goode

- Wine Grapes by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, and José Vouillamoz

- Armenian Vine and Wine by Boris Z. Gasparyan, Marina V. Dallakyan & more.

There are wine books that come in a combination of both info literature and journal entry format too. Any wine lover will appreciate another great wine book. It will be a great Christmas gift for wine lovers. So make sure to include a wine book in your wine gift basket.

3. Wine Bottle Organizer 

Not all have the luxury of having a wine cellar in their homes, but there are some practical and affordable ways to store your wine safely. This option not only keeps your wine organized, but its affordability makes it easy to use for cooling, storage, or both. Each bin can hold up to one wine bottle that usually is made of BPA-free shatter-resistant plastic. It’s durable, stackable, and perfect for fridges, pantries, and countertops. For example, you can store your favorite red wine bottles in this Wine Bottle Organizer, as red wine can be stored in a room if the temperature doesn’t get too hot during the summer daytime and if the bottles are kept out of direct light.
So, if you decide to choose an organizer as a gift, you can pick a couple of Armenian red wine bottles at Wines of Armenia store to put inside. And be assured that your wine-lover friend will be excited about your gift, experiencing the real taste of the best Armenian wines.

4. Vino Cards 

Another unique Christmas gift for your wine-lover friends is Vino Cards. It’s a set of 50 wine flashcards highlighting wines from all around the world through which they can learn about wine pairings and more. This is a perfect gift for novice wine lovers, but sommeliers will love it, too.

5. Wine On-The-Go Picnic Table 

When the weather outside is nice enough to go for a picnic with friends, this portable wine picnic table will make it easier to enjoy your food and wine on the go. It’s compact and quite light, making it easy to pack and carry. The wine holder doubles as a handle to ensure that you take this table anywhere. It’s constructed from solid bamboo, making it incredibly durable. It contains a small recess to prevent food from rolling off of it. It also has two holders that are perfect for wine glasses.

Wine Bottle as Christmas Present

Photo: Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia

6. Wine Glass Holder 

A silicone wine glass holder for bath and shower is a nice Christmas gift too. Many people enjoy a glass of wine while having a bath. And what better way to do that than using this practical option. Wine glass holder makes wine-lovers time even more relaxing by sticking firmly to smooth surfaces using 30 watts patented technology. It doesn’t leave any markings afterward, making it easy to move if needed. It works best on glass-like surfaces.

7. All-In-One Wine Gift Set 

This wine gift set is the perfect treat for wine lovers, giving them the tools to preserve, pour, and enhance their wine. It has an aerator, foil cutters, bottle stoppers, a vacuum preserver, and an electrical corkscrew extractor. If this extensive list of gadgets wasn’t enough, you could also have these deluxe tools organized and charged using its blue LED charging base. 

So which of these wine lover gifts should you choose: the outdoorsy wine lovers will definitely enjoy the On-The-Go Picnic Table while the more indoorsy wine lovers will appreciate the novelty of the Wine Glass Holder with a Wine Journal or Wine Book, or if you have a friend who’s starting to get more serious about taking care of their wine then the All-In-One Wine Gift Set will have everything they need. And, of course, don’t forget to raise a festive toast by uncorking one of a wide assortment of Armenian sparkling wines

 Plus, let’s not forget that the most awaited gift for wine lovers is a bottle of wine. Feel like tasting something new and exotic? Check out our specialized online shop for a variety of unique and elegant Armenian wines with mesmerizing flavor.