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Frunze Estate Winery LLC/ Lusarev

About the wine producer/brand

Frunze Estate Winery is located in Vayots Dzor Region, Aghavnadzor village at around 1490 meters above sea level. Around 6100 years this region is famous for its winemaking history, especially for its endemic grapes such as Areni and Voskehat. The Winery was built in 2001, but the wines were not introduced to the Armenian market."Lusarev" wines were presented only in Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow as an exclusive product. In 2021, after rebranding and equipping the winery with new machineries and technologies, a decision was made to enter the local and international markets.

The trademark "Lusarev" consists of two words: "Lus" meaning moon and "arev" meaning sun. This symbolizes the huge amount of work done both during the day and the night, in order to create the perfect wine and proudly carry on Armenian winemaking history. Following this idea, we have our slogan "half glass of moon, half glass of sun".

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